After former Casino Control Commission Chairwoman Violet Anne Golden admitted to stealing nearly $300,000 for luxury trips and shopping sprees, six individuals — including an attorney and a staff member at the jail in Puerto Rico where she’s been awaiting sentencing — have submitted letters …

Despite the uncertainty hanging over the 2020-21 school year as COVID-19 persists, the Bryan administration is standing firm in its commitment to rebuild and renovate the territory’s ailing public schools within five years.



A few weeks ago, The New York Times ran an article noting that with the U.S. preoccupied by the coronavirus pandemic, Black Lives Matter protests, and massive unemployment, “its competitors are moving to fill the vacuum, and quickly.”

Last month a bill was introduced into the U.S. Senate by three Republican senators. In part, it proposes that nations contracting with Cuba to receive medical support be designated as engaged in “human trafficking.”

Island Life

The “Akeidat Yitzkhak” (the Binding of Isaac) resolved itself with proof of Abraham’s fear, faith, and obedience plus with realization that God, who is all about salvation, is always right around us (perhaps right behind us) ready to provide what is needed.

For the Record

A 24-year-old St. Thomas man was fatally shot Sunday, according to V.I. Police spokesman Toby Derima.