Two more signs that the Bahamas’ tourism business is starting to bounce back after Hurricane Dorian ravaged several of the Atlantic islands in early September: Carnival Cruise Line announced it will resume port calls to Grand Bahama Island Friday, and the country’s tourism board says it expects flights between that island and Fort Lauderdale, Florida, to resume in mid-November.

In a Wednesday press release, the cruise line said that Carnival Pride, which departed Baltimore Sunday with nearly 2,400 passengers will arrive in Freeport Friday for the first of 39 port calls scheduled through the remainder of 2019. Carnival Elation will visit Freeport on Oct. 13 and Carnival Freedom will follow two days later.

Grand Bahama and Abaco Islands took the worst hits from Dorian, whose winds ripped through the northern Bahamas at 185 mph, killing at least 56 people and leaving hundreds missing. One month later, infrastructure issues — including unreliable power grids, spotty cellphone reception, lack of clean drinking water and blocked roads — continue to impair relief efforts in some areas.

“Carnival Cruise Line is proud to be such a big year-round supporter for cruise tourism to Freeport, so we are very excited to provide our guests the opportunity to again visit this popular destination,” declared Terry Thornton, the cruise line’s vice president for nautical and port operations. “Cruise ship visits are important to the local economy, and our shore excursion team has been working closely with local tour operators and has confirmed a variety of attractive onshore excursions for our guests.”

The cruise line says that by the end of 2019, 400,000 Carnival passengers will have visited Grand Bahama on 10 different ships sailing from homeports in the U.S.

“The rebuilding of Grand Bahama has begun,” said Sen. James Kwasi Malik Thompson, minister of state for Grand Bahama. “We welcome the return of Carnival Cruise Line back to Grand Bahama after Hurricane Dorian. Carnival is an incredible partner for the Bahamas and Grand Bahama.”

The first company to return to Grand Bahama was the Bahamas Paradise Cruise Line, direct flights expected to resume in mid-November.