Dear Editor,

I see that we have a new chief executive officer, Andrew Smith, for the V.I. Water and Power Authority. My advice to him is:

• Don’t let the power users subsidize the water users.

• Don’t hire people to please the governor or some senators; hire only needed and competent people.

• Don’t contract any company for goods and services to please the governor, some senators, or anyone else.

• Don’t keep corrupt or thieving employees because they are protected by the governor or some senators.

• Don’t use expediency to purchase goods and services.

• Don’t communicate to the public through a mouthpiece: do it yourself on a regular basis, like Franklin Roosevelt with his fireside chats.

• Cut the power to any user, including government agency, owing for more than 60 days.

• Reduce power theft and losses.

• Reduce management cost.

• Reward only meritorious employees; seniority or political influence should not be considered.

• Put all power lines underground like St. Martin did.

• Employ experienced staff to monitor the generators at night, on weekends and during holidays, when most of the outages occur; also, use computers as much as possible to monitor the generators and to add generators on line in a timely fashion when demand increases.

• Computerize all electric meters to avoid having to use meter readers.

— Aimery Caron, St. Thomas