touch terminals

Customer service touch terminals will soon be installed throughout the British Virgin Islands in hopes of improving customer service.

Plans are in place to launch customer service touch terminals throughout the British Virgin Islands as part of the overall transformation of the BVI Public Service.

BVI Deputy Governor David Archer Jr. met with stakeholders from key agencies across the Public Service and Statutory Agencies to demonstrate the Ombea Feedback Terminals/ExpressPods. These free-standing terminals are being implemented to be utilized by customer-facing officers in an effort to promote a culture of exceptional customer service.

Another aspect of the Public Service Transformation Program was the recent implementation of the Public Service customer service virtual mailbox. While the virtual mailbox focuses on performance recognition and is being utilized to recognize exceptional performing employees, in comparison, the customer service touch terminals are designed to capture real-time data on the experience customers receive from those agencies.

Deputy Governor Archer said, “Good customer service begins with us. The implementation of the touch terminals is an effort to improve the culture of how we serve customers and provides a way for us to work together to provide exceptional standards of service in the territory.”

The touch terminals will collect feedback from users and will provide the opportunity to clients and visitors who have received service from public officers to provide quick feedback about their customer service experience. The feedback is uploaded in real-time to a central online dashboard for analysis. This will allow agencies to understand how their service levels are impacted based on varying factors (time of day, peak season, day of the week, number of arrivals). Departments will be able to access the data on the dashboard to generate reports and gain insights on ways to improve their customer service.

Private Secretary to the Deputy Governor and Business Change Manager for Improved Customer Service Kedimone Rubaine said, “A significant feature of he touch terminals is that data captured will provide a detailed overview which will aid in promoting a culture of excellence, collection of quick feedback from clients in high traffic areas [all ports of entry], and help us to better understand how the service is impacted.”

He added, “Officers at the Road Town Jetty and the T. B. Lettsome International Airport can look forward to placement of terminals in the arrival areas and orientation by the Public Service Transformation Team in the coming weeks.”