navy recruitment

Chief Aviation Ordnanceman Alexis Danet, left, and Navy Career Counselor 1st Class Petty Officer Rasheed Collins are ready to answer any Navy questions the people of the U.S. Virgin Islands may have at the new recruiting office in Nisky Center on St. Thomas.

Navy Recruiting District (NRD) Miami held a grand opening ceremony Wednesday for its newest recruiting station, Navy Recruiting Station (NRS) St. Thomas in Nisky Center.

NRD Miami has been without a brick and mortar recruiting station on St. Thomas since the previous station was destroyed.

“Before the hurricanes hit, the office was completely destroyed due to arson in February of 2017,” said NRD Miami Cmdr. Donovan Rivera. “After the hurricanes, there was so much damage on the island, we only now were able to reopen NRS St. Thomas. The opening gave us a chance to reestablish relationships with important people and centers of influence in the community.”

Despite being without a station since September 2017, Navy Career Counselor 1st Class Petty Officer Rasheed Collins continued to remotely serve Virgin Islands residents who were interested in joining the Navy, traveling to the island from Miami, Fla., on a monthly basis.

The station’s leading chief petty officer, Chief Aviation Ordnanceman Alexis Danet, and Collins make up the station’s staff. Both Danet and Collins have deep ties to the Virgin Islands and are committed to the community, according to a press release.

NRS St. Thomas is one of NRD Miami’s 37 stations, and there are two more station openings planned later this year in Puerto Rico.