A man who moved to Florida in May from the Virgin Islands was arrested after police said he was found with more than four pounds of marijuana in his luggage at King Airport.

William Irwin Wilson was arrested Thursday and charged with possession of a controlled substance with intent to distribute, according to the probable cause fact sheet.

Wilson, who had arrived on an American Airlines flight from Charlotte, N.C., had his luggage searched by a Customs and Border Patrol officer, and several black, vacuum-sealed bags were discovered, according to the probable cause fact sheet.

According to the documents, when field tested, the substance inside the bags tested positive for marijuana, and weighed a total of 1.91 kilograms, or 4.21 pounds.

Advice-of-rights hearing

Friday, concerns for Wilson’s mental health were apparent, as he was unresponsive to many of the court’s basic questions, such as his name and understanding the charges against him.

“I need a mental health evaluation, why is he so unresponsive to the court’s questions,” Magistrate Judge Henry Carr III said. “We gave him a lot of time to try and answer the questions.”

Wilson’s brother, John Wilson, who was present at the hearing, said his brother “has a serious problem with alcohol,” and may need medical attention in order to detox.

Attorney Julie Todman, representing Wilson, said he was born in New York, but had lived on St. John for 33 years and had relocated to Florida in May.

Todman requested Wilson’s release to return to his home in Florida, but the judge would not allow it.

He set bail at $7,500, but noted Wilson could not be released until he undergoes a psychiatric evaluation.