A man arrested on drunken driving charges on two islands within the last three months has been ordered not to drive until the conclusion of his latest criminal case.

Bernard Carrington appeared in court via video conference Wednesday after he was arrested on St. Croix and charged with driving under the influence of alcohol in excess of the legal limit of 0.08% blood alcohol content.

Police said he was randomly stopped during a DUI traffic checkpoint — officers stopped every third driver to check for signs of intoxication — and was clearly drunk and failed field sobriety tests.

Carrington was previously arrested on St. Thomas on July 9 and charged with the same crime.

He submitted to testing after both arrests, which showed that his blood alcohol content was 0.247 on St. Thomas, and 0.246 on St. Croix, according to Assistant V.I. Attorney General Karabo Molyneaux-Molloy.

Intoxication at that level can cause severe impairment, including vomiting and loss of consciousness, according to the Centers for Disease Control.

After his arrest in July, Carrington was ordered not to drive for 90 days and not to abuse alcohol — conditions that he was violating when he was arrested on St. Croix on Tuesday, she said.

In light of the circumstances, Molyneaux-Molloy asked V.I. Superior Court Judge Darryl Donohue to set bail at $1,000 cash, and order him not to drive until the case is resolved. She also asked that he be assigned a third-party custodian to monitor his behavior while he awaits trial.

The judge agreed to those conditions, and said Carrington has until noon today to post the cash. There was also debate over whether Carrington had properly surrendered his current driver’s license, or just a temporary expired license he also had possession of, and ordered him to show proof that his current, active license is in the court’s possession.

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