A St. John woman with two prior arrests on assault and use of a deadly weapon charges was back in court Monday on another assault charge.

Carmen Martie, 64, was arrested Friday following an incident in Estate Pastory, where she allegedly threatened someone with a metal pipe.

V.I. Police officers were dispatched to a home in the area after receiving a call in reference to a disturbance.

While the victim was outside her home, Martie entered it with an iron pipe, claiming that it was her house, according to the probable cause fact sheet.

It also noted that Martie was yelling at the victim, and swung the iron pipe at her head. The victim ducked to avoid being hit, and left the area to call police.

On Monday, Martie appeared in court for her advice-of-rights hearing and was charged with third-degree assault, simple assault, unlawful entry, and use of a dangerous weapon.

“We have seen Mrs. Martie several times now, and it always concerns this premises,” Magistrate Judge Carolyn Hermon-Purcell said.

Martie was arrested twice on similar charges earlier this year, but both cases were dismissed without prejudice, according to court documents.

“Taking everything into account, I do believe she is becoming a danger to the community,” Hermon-Purcell said, before setting bail for Martie at $10,000.

Assistant Attorney General John Barraco, who is prosecuting the case, noted that Martie is homeless and unemployed, and requested she receive a mental health evaluation as a condition of release.

“She really needs a third party custodian, there may have been mental health evaluations in the past, but I would like her to see them again and follow their treatment plan,” Hermon-Purcell said.

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