Daily News Staff

The smell of her mom’s cooking coming from the kitchen was so good, 10-year old Venesha Petra Carthy just had to learn how to make those dishes herself. That passion for cooking has stayed with Carthy throughout her life, a passion that has ultimately resulted in a new online cooking series, “Cooking with Petra.”

Self-taught, Carthy started her Dazzling Creations fruit platter business in February out of her home, designing and carving stunning tropical platters, baskets and literal fruit cakes.

“I like elegancy, not just in fashion, but on the plate,” she said.

Carthy decided to further share her passion for relaxed elegance in cooking with an online cooking series. The first “Cooking with Petra” was produced in June, and each month features different recipes and techniques such as coal pot cooking or Jamaican cooking. This month’s segment, to be live streamed on Facebook from Carthy’s kitchen on St. Thomas, will feature African cooking. Joining her will be special guests Feyi Victor, Edidiong Utibe and Stacy Bourne. West African Victor will cook an African dish while discussing the culture surrounding it and Utibe, also from Africa, will discuss the making of puff puff, a classic African fried dough snack. Bourne and Carthy will bring their curiosity and Caribbean perspective.

“As we go along, I try show something new, not just local, local, local,” said Carthy. “This month, we’ll be learning about African culture and the way they prepare food that is so different from the Caribbean style, the way they use spices and the cooking techniques.”

“Cooking with Petra” will be live streamed on the Venesha P. Carthy Facebook page Sunday at 7 p.m.

For more information, call 347-371-3965 or email