Bordeaux Farmers Market

Three-year-old Lily Reffell dances with Earth Mama’s Pan-African Productions during last year’s Bordeaux Farmers Rastafari Agricultural and Cultural Vegan Food Fair at the Bordeaux Farmers Market on St. Thomas.

The two-day Bordeaux Farmers Rasta Agricultural and Cultural Vegan Food Fair will be held beginning at 10 a.m. on Saturday in Bordeaux. The fair, under the theme “23 Years of Hardship, Hurricanes & Happiness,” is hosted by Conch Shell Media and We Grow Food Inc., and will feature agricultural produce and products, vegan and raw foods, cultural presentations, agricultural demonstrations, arts and crafts, farm tours, a family activity center, reggae music and more, and will end at midnight on Sunday. This year’s Farmer of the Year is Sista Benita “Jendayi.” Entry fees are $4 adults; $2 children. For details email