vison board

A vision board workshop will be held Saturday at Saje Sanctuary on St. Thomas.

The new year inspires many to make positive changes in their lives, only to let that inspiration fade away within days or weeks. A visual reminder can help keep the focus on making 2021 the best year ever. Join Saje Sanctuary in Yacht Haven Grande on St. Thomas for a Planning with Purpose Vision Board workshop Saturday at 1 p.m.

A dream board or vision board is a collage of images, pictures, and affirmations of one’s dreams and desires, designed to serve as a source of inspiration and motivation.

Creating a vision board is more than merely cutting out magazine pictures, putting together beautiful collages and hoping for the best. It’s a creative visualization process, a powerful tool that helps you narrow down desires through the power of choice,” said Jet’Aime Cerge, owner of Saje Sanctuary. “While you’re setting clear intentions and goals, the Law of Attraction is working in your favor to manifest, magnetize and attract the opportunities that will cultivate your dreams into physical reality.”

During the workshop, facilitated by Muria Nisbett, CEO of Inside Out Wellness Center, the focus will be on creating a blueprint of goals, desires, and aspirations. Visualizing aspirations daily in vivid detail helps to create new neural pathways, sending signals to the rest of the body to complete the action. When you visualize yourself living in your dream home, your brain trains your body for the expectation of that reality.

“The idea of a vision board is rooted in the magical practice of manifestation. Vision boards help to anchor in dreams, inspiration and goals,” said Cerge. “Creating a visual representation of your heart’s desires gives the universe a blueprint to work Magick on your behalf.”

Participants are asked to bring their hopes and dreams as well as a few favorite magazines. The cost is $45 per person. All other materials will be provided. Call 340-775-7253 for details.