A book signing and reading with local author Ingrid Anne Pole Hutchinson and her newly published book “Shades of Purple Volume I: Decades of My Life” will be held at the Church of God of Prophesy Tabernacle on St. Thomas Thursday from 4:30 to 6 p.m. The session will include Hutchinson reading excepts of her book with a question and answer session and discussion afterwards.

Hutchinson, a native of St. Thomas, has served her community as a teacher at Bertha C. Bosculte Middle School, Prophesy Academy and Wesleyan Academy, principal at Prophesy Academy, counselor and minister.

Hutchinson chose to share her life’s journey of almost seven decades through shades of purple, she said in a statement. Travel with her through the “lilac” of her life when innocence prevailed. The decade depicted by Açai, a deep, dark shade, follows. The Açai decade is when it seemed as if the sun would not shine again for her. Decade three, represented by the African Violet, brings love, hope, commitment and fulfillment unimaginable.

Hutchinson decided to make mother and daughter cruises with her three daughters, beginning with the eldest. In 2015, on returning from the second cruise, her eldest son (second child) died. This marked her “understanding of deliberate relational strategies.” Her 2016 cruise concluded the special cruising schedule. The front cover of the book is a picture captured on that cruise.

“Journeys are life-changing, and I am so excited to offer my life’s excursion to the world,” said Hutchinson. “You will see familiar places and faces, experience familiar words and spaces. You are the only person that can live your unique experience and build a legacy for those who travel behind you and with you. Your journey will give credence to those who came before you as well. As a unique piece of life’s puzzle, each of us will make the entire whole more meaningful. Let us travel and enjoy the voyage.

The book is available on Amazon in both paperback and Kindle editions. “Shades of Purple Volume 2 is scheduled to be released in July.