BVI recycling

Eighteen student winners of the “We Recycle” student competition, holding their new laptops and tablets, pose with government officials and members of Green VI after the award ceremony at Maria’s by the Sea on Tortola.

Eighteen student winners from throughout the British Virgin Islands were recognized for their participation in the “We Recycle” student competition. The students were awarded laptops and tablets.

The winners were Courtez Radway, Tiffany Faulkner, Nicholas Smith, Dante Varlack, Ediesha Chinnery, Glenford Palmer, Kaiela Lewis, K’Launi Williams, Ky’Resha Hodge, Chloe-Rose Solomon, Jamaia Cousins, Amoi Blackman, Nazir Cooper, A’Marley Maduro, Denica Dasilva, Tae’Jon Dangleben, Guliana Faulkner and Yonatan Spector.

Awardees were selected from 124 students based on who collected the most glass, plastic and aluminum recyclable waste. Awards were also given to students who participated in the Reduce, Reuse and Recycle video submissions and a Super Recycler who collected the most recyclables.

The “We Recycle” Student competition’s purpose was to boost the territory’s recycling program in collaboration with the nonprofit Green VI. Collectively, the 124 participants prevented a total of 42,833.53 pounds of recyclables from being burned, which equated to 520,774 glass bottles, 1,337,599 plastic water bottles and 73,619.7 aluminum cans.

Minister for Health and Social Development Carvin Malone said at the ceremony, hosted at Maria’s by the Sea last month, that the information collected from the student competition will be used in the Waste Management study that will continue to strengthen legislation for the National Waste Management Strategy.

“Waste is not anything new anywhere in the world and it is an issue no matter where you are. But we must be able to look at better ways in which we do it [collect waste]… [And] at the end of the day, you are ambassadors for the environment,” said Malone.