Waldemar Brodhurst, a Crucian artist who creates wire sculptures with recycled objects, will be working with Coral Conservation Program students to create a marine theme wire project.

The 2019 Coral Conservation Corps is now accepting applications for its summer program for junior high and high school students to learn about St. Croix’s coral reef ecosystems, marine habitats, migratory animals, and how to snorkel safely in their local surroundings, all while being stewards of the environment.

Several activities were added to the program this year to challenge students on how to protect, conserve, and preserve St. Croix’s marine resources and coral reefs. Field trips will include snorkel practice at the Buccaneer Resort, a nature trail tour and snorkel at the Southgate Coastal Reserve, Salt River Bay, Cane Bay, basic sailing practices at the St. Croix Yacht Club, sailing and snorkeling with Lyrics Sails and Buck Island Reef National Monument.

This year, the Coral Conservation Corps will be working with Crucian artist Waldemar Brodhurst, a self-taught artist who creates wire sculptures with recycled objects. His art work has been showcased in the Caribbean Museum Center of Arts and in the community. Waldemar comes with experience, knowledge and creativity in working with youth on wire sculptures, and connecting people and wildlife in his masterpieces. Coral Conservation students will create a marine theme wire project that will be displayed in Frederiksted town.

The two-week program will be held at the Buccaneer Resort from July 22 to Aug. 2. Students age 13 to 16 may apply. The cost is $50. This program has been made affordable through funding by the guests of The Buccaneer Resort. Applications are available at http://www.stx