East End Lumber, the Christian Fellowship Ministry Center, STT/STJ Fellowship of Ministers, Caribbean Convenant and the Haitian French Church Association have collaborated to raise funds and provide materials to assist in the Haitian Relief Fund Program to help build back communities lost in the 7.2 magnitude earthquake. The August quake caused widespread damage in Haiti, with more than 2,000 people killed.

Lumber and other supplies will go towards rebuilding houses, churches and businesses affected by the earthquake. Crowley Shipping will transport the supplies. They estimate delivery within two to three weeks.

“We are getting some trailers together, sending products there, also raising finances to buy food and distribute,” Gladstone Hazel, pastor for Christian Fellowship Ministries Center for St. Thomas and St. John, said at the donation ceremony at East End Lumber on Monday. Pastor Hazel is also a member of the St. Thomas/St. John Fellowship of Ministers. “Three pastors are going there to make sure it is distributed equitably to those in need, and that there is proper security there, to make sure food and lumber do not fall into wrong hands,” Hazel said.

Those interested in donating can call 340-344-9211 or 340-201-6425 for more information.