St. Thomas/St. John Friends of Denmark Society recently honored longtime member Merle Charles with an award for outstanding service contributions.

At the height of Charles’ service, the society was housing, hosting and transporting for one week anywhere from 80 to 150 visitors from their sister society in Denmark, Dansk Vestindisk Selskab. She also served on the organization’s board of directors.

Charles was to have been honored along with four other members at the Friends of Denmark annual Transfer Day Luncheon, but the function was cancelled because of the coronavirus pandemic. The award was presented to her at her home.

“We remain so happy and proud to be able to carry on the age-old traditions of our society while preserving the memories of those who have made our U.S. Virgin Islands’ multicultural heritage so rich,” said St. Thomas/St. John Friends of Denmark Society President Marlene Petersen-Boschulte.