Jaielean Jagrup

Jaielean Jagrup

New mother Jaielean Jagrup, originally from St. Croix, has published a how-to guide for working mothers and parents overwhelmed by the demands of caring for a newborn.

Jagrup, a new business owner based in Tampa, Fla., has authored “Tiny Little Fingerprints on Everything: A Guide to Winging It,” focused on parenting, early learning and finding balance.

With time saved by using her tips, Jagrup aims to assist new parents in pushing them to complete goals fueled by their creativity and passion.

“Tiny Little Fingerprints” offers simple, practical advice for all parents on finding their own path to child rearing.

To assist in the process, Jagrup also created Flash Cards for the Island Baby, a tool that offers learning fun based on cultural and environmental objects.

“Motherhood does not come with a handbook,” Jagrup said. “Everyone learns differently, therefore as parents you have to figure out what works for your household, based on the experiences you bring to the table and create an atmosphere where your child can learn.”