book published

The Gifted and Talented class at Lew Muckle Elementary School on St. Croix shows off their newly published book, “Mystery in the Abandoned Homes.”

ST. CROIX — The gifted and talented class of the Lew Muckle Elementary School on St. Croix held a book party recently in honor of their published book “Mystery in the Abandon Homes” in their classroom, where the students saw the hard copy version of their book for the first time.

The students published their book through a national student-publishing program, Studenttreasures Publishing. As part of the publishing process, students planned, wrote and illustrated their own books using its free publishing kit. The Studenttreasures publishing program provides teachers an easy way to incorporate any lesson plan into a fun and memorable activity.

The students worked on their book for about a month. The idea for the book first started with all the students submitting a title anonymously, and then selecting their favorite from the group. The selected title was submitted by Barecia Brookes.

When asked how it feels to have a class publish a book for the first time, teacher Verne Graham stated, “It’s exciting. It was a project that took a little while. But being that it’s a gifted and talented class I had to make sure that I stretch their abilities… They knew it was going to be a long road but once they got started on that road with the writing journey, they were happy and got excited for each other as they read each other’s stories. Even with the illustrations, they liked the aspect of drawing their stories.”

The Lew Muckle Elementary School gifted and talented class includes 4th-graders Aure’ Baptiste, Barecia Brooks, Aseel Dawod, Micaiah Jones, Brittani Matthew, Pristine Tutein and 5th-graders Amiyah Henderson, J’Nique Jacob, Carilyz Marmolejos, Khm-shawa Samuel and Imariz Taylor.

To obtain a copy of the book, contact Verne Graham at or call the Lew Muckle Elementary School at 340-778-5286.