Keisha Augustine

Keisha Augustine will be spotlighted in a one-day art exhibit Sunday at 81C.

Join 81C for a single-day pop-up exhibition featuring Keisha Augustine, a local artist and clothing line designer, Sunday from 3 to 10 p.m. Guests will have the opportunity to meet the artist, discuss her work, shop for art and enjoy complimentary beverages.

Creating textiles, paintings, poetry, logos and more, Augustine is on a mission to fulfill her destiny. In high school, her art teacher recognized her talent, but Augustine chose to pursue an English degree at Queens College to become an English teacher, all the while taking art electives to complete her degree. With the encouragement of a professor, she started pushing her craft to new heights.

Augustine believes that being an artist is something that one is born to do and not something just learned at school. After she graduated college, she continued to study her craft while studying the works of God and nature. Her biggest influence is God’s paintbrush because she believes that he is the master artist. Getting closer to God has opened her eyes on who she was and who she was created to be.

“I am the woman of many trades, maximizing riches from all categories,” she said in a statement. “I am on a mission to motivate a generation and feed a nation. I create textiles, paintings, poetry, logos and so much more. As I focus on paintings and logos in this season of my career, I seek to illustrate the beauty of imperfections, colors,and uniqueness. My art can morph into different ideas depending on the perspective of the viewer in an inclusive, free, and respectful way. It is my desire that my craft bring joy, life, energy and health to any environment. Part of the process revolves highly on the ability to see and learn something new in each day that is presented to me as an artist. Lastly, I am inspired by God’s diverse and unique creations. It is God’s confidence which pushes me as an artist to stand firm in the uniqueness of my work.”

Along with art works for sale, Augustine’s “Sex Heals” t-shirts from her upcoming clothing line will also be available.

“The words sex heals has floated around for some time now, however, I chose to create a design that embodied the idea,” she said. “From whichever angle that it is approached, whatever your perspective may be, ‘Sex Heals’ is all inclusive and integral. From gender to what is known as the most intimate interaction between humans, ‘Sex Heals’ is the basis of it all. The question is, what is your perception of ‘Sex Heals?’”

In addition to Augustine’s pop-up exhibition, “III,” a group art exhibition featuring local artists Ieshia George, Jasmine Lindquist and Jenny Hawkes will be on-view in the 81C gallery.

81C, an event venue and art gallery is located on Strand Gade in historic downtown Charlotte Amalie between Market Square and the waterfront. Visit or call 917-327-1561 for more information.