Chasing Hues

Scott Henry, left, and Anysia Lane of Chasing Hues are recording their first album “Mood Medicine.”

By Henry Kapples

Daily News Staff

Chasing Hues, a band comprising two St. John residents, officially began creating alternative acoustic music back in 2016. However, the betrothed couple have known each other for over 10 years and have been playing music together for quite some time before they formed their band.

The couple were planning on tying the knot this summer, but due to the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic disease they have postponed their wedding until next summer. Both Scott Henry and Anysia Lane have lived in New Hampshire and Tennessee before eventually moving down to St. John to share their music with Virgin Islanders.

The two stated that they feel especially grateful towards the St. John community for the way in which the locals have welcomed both themselves and their music. They noted that the music industry can often be a competitive one in the sense that each musician or band is fighting for a particular gig or event. However, they have been happily surprised by the supportive nature of the local residents who genuinely enjoy their performances. Scott and Anysia said that the music scene on St. John has been an incredibly inspiring platform for their band.

Currently, Chasing Hues is working on their first album titled ‘Mood Medicine.’ Although all of the songs have been written for the 15-track LP (Long Play), Scott and Anysia are still in the process of recording a handful of the songs. The album, which the musicians describe as an interesting and complex mix of light and dark emotions, is scheduled to be released at some point this year.

In addition to this upcoming album, Chasing Hues has also released Wanderlust & Wine, a 4-track EP (Extended Play) that is available on iTunes and Spotify.

A significant aspect of their music that Scott and Anysia emphasized is that they truly desire to be authentic with the emotions that are expressed in their songs. They are not simply playing the guitar and singing the verses but rather deliberately and powerfully diving into the emotions of a particular song. In doing so, Scott and Anysia build each other up, along with the audience who can both see and hear the connection between the them and the passion that they share for their music.

The name Chasing Hues comes from an original song that the pair wrote that resonated strongly with them when they were considering potential band names. Scott and Anysia revealed that their band’s name demonstrates the variety of life, color and emotion that they hope to present in their acoustic music.

Even though the COVID-19 disease has affected the band’s ability to perform live in certain scenarios, their music is still readily available for any interested parties via their social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram. Also, Scott and Anysia are finalizing work on their YouTube channel that will soon become available to the public. They stated that while they may not be able to perform in person, they still hope that their music can give listeners comfort in this time of uncertainty. Scott and Anysia want their music to be an opportunity for others to unplug and simply enjoy the beautiful melodies and lyrics.

Chasing Hues is available for all sorts of venues, including but not limited to, restaurants, sailing outings, celebrations and private events. While Scott and Anysia typically play a mix of original songs and popular hits, they are also flexible to meet the specific desires of a private group who wish to hear particular songs. Those interested can book Chasing Hues via their website or directly contact Scott and Anysia at either 340-227-8490 or