“Something About You” is Zaid Sewer’s latest song, and he’s asking other St. Johnians to help him create a music video.

Playing steel pan with the Love City Pan Dragons and at the St. John School of the Arts ignited a spark in St. Johnian Zaid Sewer that helped lead him to a career in music.

From playing pan at age 5 to learning piano, Sewer went on to study audio production at the Art Institute of Atlanta after graduating from Ivanna Eudora Kean High School in 2009. His interest in the field grew as he learned about music production, beats, and songwriting.

Sewer, who goes by the stage name AZI — a shortening of his middle name, Azizi, which means growth and abundance — performed around Atlanta with Black Diamond Band, a reggae group that opened for Beres Hammond, Freddie McGregor, and other legendary reggae artists.

In 2015, Sewer’s father, Oswin Sewer, passed away, taking his career down a different path.

“I took singing more seriously and started releasing my own music professionally,” said Sewer. “When you’re grieving, you find ways to process your emotions. With music being one of my main vices, I turned to music but I needed a different outlet beyond just writing. It was then that I started to hone my voice more.”

Sewer said he hopes his music can inspire or help others facing similar situations. As an independent artist, the musician writes, records, produces, and mixes his music himself at his home studio, relying on the knowledge of music production he gained at the Art Institute of Atlanta. He also makes his own music videos, and he’s issued a call for submissions of video clips from St. John residents for his song, “Something About You,” released in late 2019.

“Quite a few people told me that when they listened to the song, they thought I was talking about St. John,” said Sewer. “I thought, why not get the whole island together to show the world this place that we come from, this magical gem in the Caribbean. We have such a rich culture and a vibrance. I feel like, especially in such a tumultuous year, something like this could help not only bring the community together, but uplift spirits as well.”

Submissions should be in landscape mode, 1080p or higher, and at least 20 seconds long. Send video clips of St. John to promote.azi@gmail.com by July 16. Sewer will debut the video for “Something About You” on his YouTube channel, youtube.com/azimusic, by the end of this month.

“I want to see the food, the beauty; show me your favorite spot on the island,” said Sewer. “Show me the friends you hang out with, the sunset. I just want to show the world the vibe of the island.”

Sewer hasn’t been home since December 2019, and said he is homesick. He hopes eventually to be able to split his time between Atlanta and St. John. Sewer currently works as a media producer at Georgia Tech though he hopes to be able to eventually focus on his music career full time.

“I feel like at the moment the place for me to grow and hone my talent is Atlanta, but I do eventually want to move back home, or even spend a portion of the year there and a portion of the year in Atlanta,” said the musician.

Sewer describes his musical style as R&B and dance hall with a Caribbean influence and elements of hip hop, a melting pot inspired by the experience of hearing numerous genres of music on radio stations in the Virgin Islands.

He’s proud of his heritage, noting that he’s a grandson of Victor William Sewer and a nephew of Llewellyn Sewer.

“I am an independent artist and producer who sings about life, love, relationships, and internal struggles,” said Sewer. “My hope is that I can continue to change the world by evoking emotions, inspiring ideas, and inviting my listeners to engage in authentic, meaningful conversations.”

In addition to performing around Atlanta, Sewer’s music has been featured on various platforms like Coconut Vybez, a Virgin Islands web series called Sand, and on DJ MoJo’s mixtape.

His music can be found under the name AZI on all major streaming platforms as well as on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and at theazi.com.