The Negus Education World Specialists is an organization focused on supporting students and parents through the challenges of virtual learning. Their logo was designed by St. Johnian Kamaria Penn. “I specifically wanted the logo designed by a local St. Johnian and she did an amazing job incorporating my concepts into the design,” said Sewer.

Navigating new styles of learning has been challenging for students and parents alike during the coronavirus pandemic. Now, there’s a St. Johnian-founded business that can help with educational obstacles during the pandemic and beyond.

Carla Sewer’s Negus Education World Specialists draws its name from the Ethiopian Ahmaric language, in which negus means “king.”

“Education is king and key to opening doors, therefore education should be a royal experience executed by educators and based on the foundation of supporting families first in order to support children’s growth and development,” said Sewer.

“Parent involvement, family engagement awareness, and activities supported by research will enable families to flourish at home, school, and in the community.”

For Sewer, the founding of her business represents another step forward driven by her ambition, which took her through a stint of being a model and an actress, including an appearance on All My Children, and on to a role as play producer for the Virgin Islands National Park at the Cinnamon Bay amphitheater in the 1990s.

Sewer also conducted a cultural arts summer day camp on island and toured in Massachusetts in a one-woman show about the Salem Witch Trials called TITUBA. The St. John native taught at the Julius E. Sprauve School and worked as a library associate at the Elaine I. Sprauve Library.

Sewer recently earned a masters degree in library science and a PhD in family studies. She previously earned a masters degree in family studies. She credits her grandmother, Huldah Sewer; uncle, Oswin Sewer; and parents Calis and Gloria Sewer for inspiring her to start Negus Education World Specialists.

“The children of St. John and their families are another inspiration to start my business,” said Sewer.

“As a former elementary teacher at JESS, I have been inspired to teach the whole child by including parents through goal setting and supporting parents at home with activities that stimulate positive growth and development. During my time teaching at JESS, I realized parents play an integral role in the education of their children, and their support is needed to give students the best education. A change is needed for St. John because we have no public preschool, no public high school, and no working public library. For this reason, I created my business to educate educators on engaging children and families in their organizations.”

Negus Education World Specialists provides educational consulting, training, workshops, seminars, conferences, and private parenting sessions. Sewer relied on her theater arts background to create entertaining, educational experiences for children and families to implement in their daily lives.

Online monthly themed classes are offered, focusing on the four major areas of child development—physical, intellectual, emotional, and social. Currently, Sewer is offering her services primarily to St. John schools, teachers, and parents, however she is available to present at conferences around the world.

“First, I want to begin providing services to the people of St. John, namely public and private schools, day care centers, libraries, and any place that supports children and families in learning and growth,” said Sewer.

The education specialist, who’s a member of the National Association of the Education of Young Children and a National Council on Family Relations Certified Family Life Educator, hasn’t let the pandemic stop her offerings to St. John families.

“The pandemic has totally changed how I provide services and how creative I have to become, which I have my arts background to do,” said Sewer.

“I offer virtual workshops for families and schools. Social distancing and wearing a mask is an essential part of face to face workshops, which I will be providing in the upcoming new year.”

To learn more about Negus’s offerings, visit, or call Sewer at 940-222-9336 to schedule an appointment, training workshop, or seminar.