With help from the Nigel O. Hodge Foundation, Jayda Todman will travel to Florida this month for much-needed spinal surgery.

With the help of the Nigel O. Hodge Foundation, Jayda Todman will receive the spinal surgery she needs to live a normal, active life.

Todman, age 13, has a severe case of scoliosis, a curvature of the spine. She is urgently in need of spinal fusion surgery to reduce the curve and prevent it from worsening, A surgeon will connect two or more vertebrae with new bone grafts and insert a spine fixation device to hold a part of the spine straight while the bone heals. Todman and her family will travel to West Palm Beach, Fla., on June 22, where surgery is scheduled for June 29 at the St. Mary’s Medical Center. The foundation will pay for airline tickets for three family members and hotel accommodations.