ST. THOMAS — Rotary Club of St. Thomas II, in partnership with UPS, recently donated 70 thermal blankets to the Schneider Regional Medical Center’s Dialysis Unit for dialysis patients to keep warm during treatment.

People suffering from renal failure, more commonly referred to as kidney failure, typically receive dialysis treatment three times a week lasting on average three to four hours per session to cleanse their blood. Rotary II President Vernice Gumbs thought dialysis patients would benefit from having thermal blankets while receiving their dialysis treatment.

“During these life-saving treatments, patients often feel cold. Consequently, many of them find the comfort of a blanket quite soothing, warming not only their bodies but their hearts, too, and certainly help to cheer them up,” said Gumbs. “These blankets are a tangible way of showing that the Rotary Club of St. Thomas II is not just a social club, but a group of ‘People of Action,’ that deeply cares about people living with end-stage renal disease.”