St. Thomas native Yassin Hall launched her third bestselling book, “Break the Love Curse,” to examine mental health in Caribbean and African-American communities.

At a recent book launch in Atlanta, Hall read excerpts from the book before yielding the floor to guests to share their stories, which ranged from homelessness, toxic relationships, domestic abuse, childhood trauma and sexual abuse.

“This is me giving you my true authentic self, unapologetically,” said Hall at the book launch preceding Mental Health Awareness Day.

As a child growing up in the U.S Virgin Islands, Hall witnessed her mother’s mental breakdown and admits that without constant therapy, she would not be the mother, entrepreneur and woman that she is today. A bi-racial, illegitimate child, she was tossed between wealth and poverty.

As a mental health advocate, she said that holding on to the hurt can cause much more to be lost than the original trauma.

Hall has made appearances on PBS, Bravo and CBS, and her book “Journey Untold,” has just been approved for school curriculum in Georgia.

“I’m a survivor and victorious and I understand that God made me uniquely me,” Hall said. “I’ve been blessed more times than I’ve been hurt. I never imagined that I would be a bestseller with my first book, much less have that book remain on the bestseller list some five years later. This latest book continues the message of healing with mental health and it also provides numerous resources along with those I have sought services with. Sometimes people just don’t know where to start and I want to help them so that they can take that journey towards healing.”