Michaelrose Ravelier

Michaelrose Ravalier

Michaelrose Ravalier of Ivanna Eudora Kean High School on St. Thomas participated in a panel of national educators Thursday to discuss ways that the public schools can adapt to the impacts of climate change.

Extreme weather such as flooding, wildfires, and hurricanes have already impacted schools across the country, threatening children’s health, safety and well being. Part of The Aspen Institute’s K12 Climate Action, a year-round listening session series, the Alpen Institute III Listening Session focused on how education systems can adapt to the impacts of climate change and improve their resiliency. It brought together panelists to share how their schools and communities have been affected by climate change and adaptations they have made in response. Ravelier, the St. Thomas-St. John 2019 Teacher of the Year, represented the U.S. Virgin Islands. The group’s goal is to develop an action plan and build a coalition to support schools to be a force toward climate action, solutions and environmental justice.

“Ms. Ravalier and the other Eco-Schools teachers have been a pleasure to work with while participating in the Disaster Risk Reduction Management Program, (an Educational Grant funded by FEMA),” said USVI Eco-Schools Coordinator Pamela New. “Their perseverance and determination to encourage their students to become not only aware of how climate change will impact our islands, but also the necessity for our youth to become stakeholders in the discussion of how to address climate change, has been remarkable to observe.”