A St. Thomas man with seven felony convictions has been arrested and charged with breaking into a waterfront Charlotte Amalie business.

Allen “Buckwheat” Samuel, 47, was being sought by police for a burglary that occurred on Sept. 19 at the Ice Cream Shop on Store Tvaer Gade.

Investigators reviewed surveillance video that showed two suspects, who police identified as Samuel and Craig Stevens, according to an affidavit filed by police.

Stevens was located downtown and arrested hours after the burglary, but police were unable to locate Samuel, and sought the public’s help on social media.

Police located Samuel on Tuesday and charged him with third-degree burglary, petit larceny, destruction of property, and aiding and abetting, according to V.I. Police spokesman Toby Derima.

Unable to post $25,000 bail, he was jailed until his advice-of-rights hearing Wednesday.

Assistant V.I. Attorney General Brenda Scales said Samuel has seven felony convictions, including illegal gun and drug possession, burglary, and larceny.

Territorial Public Defender Frederick Johnson argued that monetary bail of any amount would ensure Samuel remains jailed, and asked the court to allow him to live with a third-party custodian under strict conditions of release.

“That’s not going to happen in this case,” said Magistrate Judge Henry Carr III.

Carr said Samuel must post 10% of the bail, or $2,500 cash, and said he would be subject to house arrest from 6 p.m. to 6 a.m. if he is released from jail.

Samuel was arrested and charged with attempted murder in 2020, after a victim told police that “Buckwheat” had slashed his throat at the Michelle Motel — an abandoned, government-owned hotel that’s become a haven for squatters.

While Samuel was initially deemed a danger to the community and jailed with bail set at $75,000, he was released over the summer after prosecutors said they were unable to pursue the case.

“Due to witness issues, the people are not able to prove the case beyond a reasonable doubt at this time,” according to a motion filed June 7 by Assistant V.I. Attorney General H. Timothy Perry.

Superior Court Judge Sigrid Tejo agreed to dismiss the case “without prejudice,” meaning that prosecutors could choose to refile charges in the future if they have enough evidence to bring the case to trial.

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