Planning and Natural Resources Commissioner Jean-Pierre L. Oriol announced Wednesday that the Division of Libraries, Archives and Museums, in conjunction with the Education Department’s Division of Cultural Education, will celebrate the life and activism of David Hamilton Jackson through the Art for Activism Project, “I am David Hamilton Jackson”.

November has been designated as the official month to honor Jackson’s lifetime achievements in advancing press freedoms, voting rights, higher wages, worker’s rights, and organizing the territory’s first labor union.

He campaigned for human rights and helped gain greater self-governance in an era when racial inequality was intolerable for the vast majority of Black Virgin Islanders.

The Division of Libraries, Archives and Museums, and Education’s Cultural Education unit are inviting students to create works inspired by David Hamilton Jackson’s activism. Students may choose from a variety of mediums to create their work, which may include the following: Drawing a self-portrait or creating a mixed media artwork; a monologue or play via Tik Tok or another video app; digital art, animation, or photography; and poetry, spoken word, or a short story.

According to the DPNR release, students will have the opportunity to envision themselves as social justice warriors and to embody the spirit of a great Virgin Islands leader and activist. The project will also teach students about historical injustices and how to identify and act on contemporary issues affecting themselves and their local and global communities.

A creative session on the TEAMS app will take place at 4 p.m. on Tuesday, Nov. 23. Invitations will be sent via the Education Department’s internal email system and to interested private schools.

In early December, the project will be exhibited virtually for the community to view. The deadline for this project is Tuesday, Nov. 30. Students may submit their work to their teachers, guidance counselors, or to DPNR’s or VI DOE’s