VINP seeking residents’ help with domestic rabbits at L’Esperance Trail

Domestic rabbits nibble plants along L’Esperance Trail recently in Virgin Islands National Park. Unlike most things in the park, rangers will be happy if you take one home, as they are considered an invasive species.

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National Park seeks help with domestic rabbits

Rabbits have been spotted on the L’Esperance Trail, and Virgin Islands National Park is inviting residents who’d like a new pet to come and capture one for themselves before the park has to remove the invasive animals.

“It is believed that someone abandoned them there,” Park Service said via their Facebook page. “Besides being cruel, it is also illegal. Invasive species do not belong in national parks.”

Some of the rabbits have already been captured by residents who’ve taken them on as pets. Rabbits are herbivores and will graze on vegetation that’s still recovering from the 2017 hurricanes. The rabbits are likely also facing hot temperatures, lack of fresh water and predation by mongoose.

The Park Service asks everyone to take responsibility for their pets and to help stop the spread of invasive animals in the park.