The U.S. Interior Department awarded the territory $3.3 million in Capital Improvement Project grants on Wednesday.

According to an Interior Department statement, $2.2 million will go toward new security cameras and park renovations across all three islands and $1.1 million will support St. Thomas East End Medical Clinic for architectural and engineering services, Schneider Hospital for the purchase of generators, and Humbug I and Cancryn Pump Station for rehabilitation.

The grant funding is part of a total $29,480,076 in Capital Improvement Project and Technical Assistant Program funds that were presented to various territories during the 2020 Senior Plenary Session of the Interagency Group on Insular Areas, held Wednesday in Washington.

Gov. Albert Bryan Jr. and V.I. Delegate to Congress Stacey Plaskett were in attendance.

“We discussed the constant and urgent pursuit of economic development in our insular areas,” said Interior Secretary David Bernhardt in the statement.

“This meeting ensures that insular voices and concerns are heard in the federal government.” Grants for other territories included $9.7 million for American Samoa, $6.5 million for Guam, and $9.9 million for the Northern Mariana Islands.