Builder's Emporium

An eviction notice posted on the door of the Lieutenant Governor’s Office at the Builders Emporium on St. Thomas claims the V.I. government has been late on rental payments for 12 years, and since October has cut its rental payments by half.

ST. THOMAS — The lieutenant governor’s Estate Thomas landlord is tired of receiving late rent, and is now on the verge of kicking the government out.

An eviction notice, dated June 5, and seen at the lieutenant governor’s Builders Emporium office behind Schneider Hospital, claims the V.I. government has been “constantly late” with monthly rental payments for the last 12 years. The notice further states the government has arbitrarily cut its rental payments by half since October.

Landlord Joe Vanterpool — of St. Thomas-based Vanterpool Enterprises — penned the notice to Lt. Gov. Tregenza Roach, saying he will no longer tolerate the “dilatory and capricious actions of the government.”

Indeed, Vanterpool states the government, as a month-to-month tenant, has 30 days from the date it receives the notice to vacate the building.

“Should the government fail to vacate the premises within the 30-day period, an immediate action for forcible entry and detainer and restitution of the premises shall be filed with the Superior Court of the Virgin Islands to have the government evicted from the premises,” Vanterpool writes.

He adds that a separate civil action shall be instituted against the government to collect the debt for the outstanding rents and other incidental expenses.

The Daily News reached out to Vanterpool to determine the government’s outstanding rental payments but did not receive a reply by press time Monday.

Roach’s spokesperson Shayla Solomon told The Daily News that the issue is presently in court and is a matter of litigation.

“For that reason, there is no comment at this time from the lieutenant governor,” she said.

While the lieutenant governor’s main office on St. Thomas is located on Kongens Gade, the Builders Emporium location accommodates the Office of the Tax Assessor, Recorder of Deeds and the Division of Corporations and Trademarks.

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