A 47-year-old man is facing four criminal charges after a 17-year-old girl and a witness told police the man assaulted and forcefully groped her, according to documents filed in V.I. Superior Court.

Kevin Moran, of St. Croix, was arrested by warrant Wednesday and charged with first-degree unlawful sexual contact, aggravated assault and battery, simple assault and battery and serving alcoholic beverages to minors.

According to the warrant for his arrest, the victim walked into the police station on Dec. 23 and reported that Moran had assaulted her.

The victim explained that she and other teens had a beach bonfire on Dec. 11. The victim said she was not drinking alcohol and had been serving as a designated driver for her friends, including one who became so drunk he was incapacitated.

At around 11 p.m., the victim drove the friend home with help from two others, where they spoke to Moran and another man. The victim said she went to check on the drunk friend, who’d been left in the bathroom. Moran followed her in and closed the door, according to the warrant.

The victim said she’d seen Moran drinking earlier in the night and “could tell that he was intoxicated because of his slurred speech,” and after she tried to back away from him, he “grabbed her and held on to every part of her lower body,” and shoved her against the wall, according to the warrant.

The victim said she had to ask the drunk friend — who was still lying on the bathroom floor when the assault occurred — to move out of the way, and she got out of the bathroom and left. Five minutes later, the drunk friend sent the victim a text message acknowledging that he’d seen the assault, and “I’m pissed.”

The victim had intended to drop off friends farther away, but was so rattled they instead drove to another friend’s residence nearby where they talked about the assault until 1 a.m., according to the warrant.

The next day, the drunk friend apologized in a text message for being too intoxicated to intervene.

Police reviewed that message, which said, “I may be drunk but I know what he did and I’m pissed. He did something I didn’t like I couldn’t do anything about it at the time and that’s what pissed me off the most but I swear to God if he does it again I’m going to hurt him.”

Police interviewed another friend who said the victim was usually happy, but he saw her crying on Dec. 20 and asked what was wrong. The victim told him about the assault, and he convinced her to tell her parents and police what Moran had done, according to the warrant.

On Jan. 16, police interviewed the drunk friend who’d been an eyewitness to the assault. The witness corroborated the victim’s account of the night, and said that in the bathroom, he heard Moran tell the victim “you were looking pretty fine tonight,” before he groped her.

Police also interviewed the two friends who were waiting in the victim’s car.

One said that when the victim went into the home “she was in a good mood,” and when she returned to the car she was “breathing heavily and crying,” and was so upset “she was unable to calm herself for the drive home,” according to the warrant.

The other friend said she had seen Moran drinking earlier in the evening, and Moran had given one of the teens a Mason jar of moonshine before they went to the beach. When the victim left the house, it appeared as though she “was having a panic attack,” and was crying as she explained Moran had just assaulted her, according to the warrant.

Police also contacted Moran, who declined to make a statement.

Following his arrest Wednesday Moran posted $7,500 cash — 10% of his $75,000 bond — and was released from jail. He appeared in court for his advice-of-rights hearing Friday, when Magistrate Judge Miguel Camacho said he may remain free pending trial, but is prohibited from discussing the case with any witnesses.

Assistant V.I. Attorney General Patricia Lynn Pryor said Moran is a legal gun owner and “he was told he needed to surrender them and I guess he has only turned one of them over, so that needs to be addressed and those weapons need to be accounted for.”

Moran’s defense attorney, Pamela Colon, said Moran had transferred most of his guns to the mainland, and “there was only one that was here on St. Croix and he did turn that over.”

A V.I. Police firearms supervisor testified that they have no documentation Moran contacted police about the transfer of the “six remaining firearms,” and Camacho ordered Colon to provide that information to police by May 7.

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