A St. Thomas man was ordered to undergo a mental health evaluation after police charged him with delaying and obstructing officers during an outburst at the Paragon Building Monday.

Jeremy Jackson, 44, was arrested after officers responded to a report of a man causing a disturbance at around 12:13 p.m., according to an affidavit filed by V.I. Police. Jackson was screaming and using profanity, and said staff at a doctor’s office had kept him waiting for over an hour for an 11 a.m. appointment.

The doctor told officers Jackson had missed two previous appointments, and was not scheduled to be in the office that day.

Officers removed Jackson from the building as he continued to protest and struggle, and held him on $1,000 bail, according to the affidavit. During his advice-of-rights hearing in V.I. Superior Court Wednesday, Assistant V.I. Attorney General Brenda Scales and the arresting officer suggested he might benefit from a mental health evaluation.

Scales noted that Jackson had been arrested in 1999, 2004, and 2013, and “all of them involve assaults.” Jackson’s father said his son’s struggles are exacerbated by severe hearing loss he suffered as a child following an ear infection, which makes it difficult for him to clearly understand when others are speaking to him — and can cause him to lash out in frustration.

Magistrate Judge Carolyn Hermon-Percell agreed to release Jackson to his father’s custody on his own personal recognizance, but ordered him to undergo a mental health evaluation.

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