Patrick's West Indian Delight

Patrick’s West Indian Delight, which has served refreshments in the heart of Cruz Bay, St. John, since 1981, is due to be relocated by the V.I. Port Authority Friday to make way for more parking spaces.

Patrick’s West Indian Delight, a food outlet that’s stood in St. John’s Cruz Bay since 1981, is expected to be removed Friday to make way for additional parking at the Victor Sewer Marine Facility.

The business’s namesake, Patrick Joseph, died on Oct. 3, and his cousin Victor Belizaire said he has been running it to help Joseph’s widow, Rachel, as it’s her sole source of income.

But after Patrick Joseph’s death, the family received a letter from the V.I. Port Authority, saying they needed to remove the structure or face possible legal action.

“With the passing of the late Mr. Patrick Joseph, VIPA currently does not have an agreement with any tenant to operate Patrick’s West Indian Delight,” Port Authority spokeswoman Monifa Brathwaite said in an email Tuesday.

“The removal of the structure will allow VIPA to expand the lot and provide additional free, two-hour parking spaces for residents and visitors in Cruz Bay,” Brathwaite said. According to Brathwaite, the Authority did grant the business an additional week to move when approached by family members.

The structure is scheduled to be removed on Friday , she said.

Brathwaite also said that V.I. Port Authority Executive Director Carlton Dowe will be meeting with one of Joseph’s family members about relocating the business.

Belizaire said he is entertaining that possibility, but he’s still hoping that the bar and refreshment stand can remain where it is.

“Why can’t Port Authority leave the place and then if you want to beautify it, make it to their standard?” Belizaire said. “This is a landmark, this is historical. That’s where people come and have a good time.”

Patrick’s is the only place to get refreshments at any VIPA ports on St. John, Belizaire said, and “with this being gone, there’ll be absolutely nothing.”

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