D'Andre Gumbs

D’Andre Gumbs

A 21-year-old man charged with illegal gun possession was also found with a black ski mask and more than 50 rounds of ammunition, including hollow-point bullets, according to police.

D’Andre Gumbs of Strawberry Hill was arrested Saturday at around 8:21 p.m. after police stopped his vehicle in Estate Work & Rest and found a gun inside, according to a news release from V.I. Police spokesman Toby Derima.

Unable to post $50,000 bond, Gumbs spent two nights in jail and appeared in court Monday for his advice-of-rights hearing.

Territorial Public Defender Yolan Brow-Ross said Gumbs has no prior arrests and asked that he be allowed to post $2,500 and released to his mother’s custody.

But Assistant V.I. Attorney General Aimee Simpson said the case is serious because not only did Gumbs have an unlicensed gun, he was carrying a black ski mask and 53 rounds of ammunition, including hollow-point bullets.

Hollow-point bullets expand when they enter flesh, which can cause more damage and be more deadly than traditional ammunition.

Magistrate Judge Miguel Camacho agreed with Simpson’s recommendation that Gumbs be required to post 10% of his $50,000 bond, or $5,000 cash. If he is released to a third-party custodian, he must remain under a curfew from 6 p.m. to 6 p.m., Camacho said.

His proposed custodian asked Camacho to reduce the bail further, but the judge was unmoved.

“This was a firearm,” Camacho said, and the circumstances of the case are “very concerning for this court.”

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