A St. Croix man was charged with kidnapping and assaulting a woman Monday night, after he stuffed a rag in her mouth and choked her, according to court records.

Julaun Walters was arrested and charged with second-degree assault, and false imprisonment and kidnapping. Both crimes were charged under the territory’s domestic violence statute, according to the probable cause fact sheet filed by V.I. Police.

The victim went to the police station to report the attack, and told officers that the incident began when she met Walters at Altona Lagoon Park to return some of his belongings at around 5:30 p.m. Monday, according to the fact sheet. When she tried to leave, Walters grabbed her arm through the car window, opened the door, and gave her a hug as he grabbed a rag from inside her vehicle and stuffed it in her mouth.

According to the court document, the victim told police Walters “covered her mouth with his hands and pinched her nose while she struggled to breathe,” and as she tried to fight him off, he said “the more noise you make the worse it will be.”

He shoved her into the passenger seat and drove her vehicle to a more secluded area where he choked her while she screamed for help. Walters then drove the victim to his grandmother’s house, where she tried to escape after he left the car, according to the fact sheet.

The victim told police that Walters jumped on the hood of her vehicle to prevent her from leaving, and he eventually got off in the area of Times Square while she was driving, after she told him she was going to the police station.

In an interview with police Tuesday, Walters said the woman attacked him first, and told investigators that “she does not want anyone to know about the incident, because she does not want to get him in trouble.”

According to the court document, a witness told police of seeing Walters on the hood of the vehicle as it drove off from his grandmother’s house, and police documented evidence of the assault, including the rag, damage to the victim’s vehicle, and bruises across her body including “bruising and scratches to her neck area.”

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