Sterling Optical’s St. Thomas manager Dixie Ann Tang Yuk, front left, and owner Joel Mahepath, front right, present $1,500 scholarships Tuesday to, left to right, Velven Samuel-Warren representing Diantha Matthews, Vernisha Hodge, D’Shae Xavier, Kamal Tyson, Radiance Peetes and Jahquan Richards at Sterling Optical on St. Thomas. Scholarships were also awarded to St. Croix students in a ceremony on that island.

Fourteen V.I. graduating students received $1,500 one-year scholarships from Sterling Optical on Tuesday, financial aid that would help on the next step of their educational journey.

Sterling Optical, a locally owned eye care business, started the Adams-Mahepath Scholarship in 2002, when it gave $1,250 each to four students, according to a statement from the company. The scholarship has grown since — peaking in 2017 when there were 15 recipients. The scholarship amount increased to $1,500 in 2014.