The U.S. Supreme Court has decided not to review Segovia v. United States, a voting rights lawsuit that seeks to expand voting rights in the U.S. territories.

The lawsuit stems from lead plaintiff Luis Segovia, a Guam resident and military veteran who, earlier this year, joined others from Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands to file a petition to the Supreme Court for expanded voting rights in the territories.

Segovia’s petition to the Supreme Court is a result of the 7th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals dismissing his equal protection claims earlier this year, ruling that the plaintiffs lacked legal standing to challenge federal overseas voting laws.

Neil Weare, president and founder of Equally American, a nonprofit that advocates for equality and civil rights for Americans living in the territories, said in a recent press release that he was hopeful the Supreme Court would grant review due to the petition raising three separate “circuit splits.”

A circuit split occurs when two or more circuit courts of appeals give conflicting rulings on the same issue.

As is customary, the Supreme Court did not provide any reasons for its denial.

Residents of U.S. territories are the only Americans who cannot vote for president and lack any representation in the U.S. Senate.

Segovia, in a press release issued earlier this year, insisted that if he had moved to any U.S. territory except Guam, Puerto Rico or the V.I., or even to a foreign country, he could still vote for president today.

“This kind of discrimination isn’t just morally wrong, it’s unconstitutional,” he said, in the release. “My right to vote should not depend on my ZIP code.”

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