Street names

Vice Provost Frank Mills of the Eastern Caribbean Center at the University of the Virgin Islands discusses the ways street naming will improve life for residents of the territory during a press conference Wednesday on St. Thomas.

Charlotte Amalie’s street names will be officially recorded by the end of the year, the first step in a process that will eventually see all Virgin Islands streets and addresses memorialized in the public record, according to Lt. Gov. Tregenza Roach and other officials who spoke Wednesday at a press conference on St. Thomas.

When the project is complete, residents will no longer have to create signs and markers to identify their location, “or wait by the roadside in the blazing sun” to direct a utility crew to their home, “or God forbid, wait there for an ambulance to provide critical care for a loved one,” Roach said. “Personally, I had to stand by the roadside and direct the ambulance when it came for my father.”