The other day I was on my second nine-minute snooze, lying in bed, kind of asleep, kind of awake. Suddenly, I felt really guilty. I thought, girl, you haven’t talked to your mother in a long time. You should give her a call today because she’s probably worried about you and wondering why you…

Not unlike other Americans, crimes of violence are feared most in the Virgin Islands, as well as throughout the rest of the Caribbean. Even a cursory glance of the headlines in The Daily News would convince a “doubting Thomas” among us that our once idyllic community has become an arena of v…

Older readers of this column may remember a time when most Caribbean economies were dominated by family owned and run companies. Often linked by a family name to an older generation of Caribbean businessmen, but much less so women, they were usually paternalistic, influential and often phila…

Dear West Indian Co. Board Members,

Like most elementary school teachers, I have many friends who are under the age of 10. One of my best friends is a six-year-old named Sonya. We hang out on the playground and chat and laugh about all kinds of things. Recently, we were discussing Halloween. Our conversation went like this.

The spectacle of Britain all but tearing itself apart over its future relationship with the European Union (EU) has been unedifying. Now, however, after months of political, legal, constitutional and parliamentary wrangling, the indications are that very soon Britain, in one or another way, …

After months of stagnated business days, the much-anticipated tourist season is almost here.

I grew up with storms, not hurricanes. My first hurricane experience was Marilyn in 1995. I was in graduate school in Texas when Hurricane Hugo hit St. Croix in September 1989 as a Category 4 storm that devastated the island.

Somehow, public money is treated differently than personal money. It’s no secret in the Virgin Islands that when someone has the ability to spend or receive on the public’s dime, they lose all restraint. It’s a sickness that overtakes some people in public positions. While many are respectfu…

When my son was an infant he slept in a bassinet in our bedroom right next to the bed. I remember waking up several times during the night to make sure he was still breathing fine and sleeping peacefully.

You’re probably chuckling already. Seriously? “The joy of politics”?

Editor’s Note: Former Sen. Clarence Payne testified about WAPA before the V.I. Legislature on Tuesday on behalf of the Virgin Islands Alliance for Consumer Justice. Following is the text of his speech.

Editor’s Note: Arnold Highfield died on Sept. 8, 2019, at age 79. The Highfield family is working with the National Park Service, Christiansted National Historic Site, St. Croix, to preserve his Virgin Islands/Caribbean research collection.

A common sense reading of the statutory laws pertaining to the West Indian Co. Ltd. begs a significant question: At what point should an advocate advise its clients that the battle is lost and by law, WICO is in fact not a private corporation but a public entity?

Editor’s Note: This is Part 3 of a three-part series on Johnny Tranberg, a native of St. Croix who died on Aug. 22, 2019, at the age of 103. Part 1 was published on Tuesday, Sept. 10. Part 2 was published on Wednesday, Sept. 18.

I have three recommendations for the V.I. Water and Power Authority to address power supply woes and deficiencies in the USVI:

It is an age-old story, refurbished to fit the times in which it is being told. It is a favorite of preachers and speakers alike.

As Tropical Storm Karen approached, memories of hurricanes Irma and Maria came flooding back for all who endured that “Category 10” and the miserable aftermath. Two years ago those two storms hit us hard, and then the ill-considered, unreasonable curfews imposed by Government House made reco…

In the opening letter of the executive fiscal year 2020 budget, Gov. Albert Bryan Jr. submitted to the 33rd Legislature for approval are the following inspirational declarations:

I am an income tax preparer on St. Thomas. I have been for 25 years. I have many clients for whom I prepare payroll/payroll taxes and, most importantly, their monthly gross receipts tax forms.

Not very long ago, I was in Charlotte Amalie visiting the post office next to Emancipation Garden. My curiosity was piqued when a friend caught up with me as I walked up the steps and asked, “Is this your main post office?”

Today is International Peace Day. Usually it is a day focused on how we cannot have war and violence. It tends to look at this from a perspective of how the actions of a nation or political/religious group create hardships on individuals. It’s an outside-looking-in mentality that plays out o…

A community living from crisis to crisis doesn’t function well. When citizens are depleted fiscally and mentally, being worn down from the constant stress of multiple crises, a malaise develops that’s hard to shake.

Editor’s Note: The Daily News first published this poem by Linda Quetel on Oct. 11, 2011. Quetel resubmitted the poem in light of the recent chronic WAPA outages, writing, “People continue to say that WAPA will never change, but WAPA has changed; it continues to get worse every day.”

Probably, none of us has ever driven a horse and buggy as our main means of transportation. Around 1900, that was the way people got around. The introduction of the self-powered vehicle, i.e. horseless carriage (many of which were electric), was viewed back then in much the same way electric…

Yogi Berra, the legendary Yankee catcher, once said, “When you get to the fork in the road, take it.”

What has become of the natural equity of St. Croix? I have observed, over the last two years, the wanton destruction and removal of many of St. Croix’s mahogany trees that had bordered the main roads, specifically Queen Mary Highway (Centerline Road).

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