It is well documented that caregiving is associated with detrimental health outcomes. Depression and chronic stress are the two most common negative psychological effects reported by caregivers. Caring for, or living with, a relative with dementia can be a heavy burden on the health of the c…

Gov. Albert Bryan Jr.’s admission last week that his Administration is “in chaos” comes as no surprise because ever since his inauguration, he has been delaying or abandoning key components of the Bryan/Roach Campaign Platform.

Every Monday night a few dedicated men and women of the St. Thomas Reformed Church bring fellowship to a group of inmates housed at the Alexander A. Farrelly Criminal Justice Complex located on the St. Thomas waterfront. This program is made possible with the active support of the Bureau of …

This is the red zone. In football, it is that span between the 20-yard line and the goal line. In teaching, it is the time between Thanksgiving break and winter break. It is the time when semesters can come to a satisfying end or crash and burn.

Editor’s Note: This is the first in a four-part series on the ancient plants and herbs of the Bible.

To me, it was a thunderclap. Years ago, when I was in Congress, we were in the midst of a tense, contentious debate. Members had gotten irritated, levying charges back and forth, and tempers were rising. Then one member stood up, asked for our attention, and said to us, “Let’s remember: trus…

On October 24, Governor Bryan notified the Public Services Commission that he supports a WAPA rate increase. In that letter, he stated that “the actual increase to overall customer electric rates will be a nominal 0.15 cents per kilowatt-hour.”

Unsolved crime mysteries haunt small towns, and the Virgin Islands is no exception.

Every year I try to write on another subject and sometimes I succeed. Every year, though, the allure of the day draws me to it and I find myself thinking new thoughts and seeing new angles. Honoring the events that took place on St. John in 1733 is never far from my mind on this day. It is a…

Representative democracy is based on a simple premise. It’s that ordinary citizens can judge complex public policy and political issues — or at least grasp them well enough to decide who should be dealing with them.

For the soon come conclusion of a second hurricane season in a row with no major tropical storm disasters. Dorian barely winked at us, and Sebastien did not even glance our way. For that we are most grateful.

Although the statistics vary, reliable Caribbean and international entities suggest that the region’s sector is now delivering on average, directly and indirectly, about 40.6% of the Caribbean’s GDP, earned the region $62 billion in 2018, and employs at least one in 11 of the region’s citizens.

One of the cornerstones of the Montessori education is peace. The students are not only taught to be peaceful with each other, but also to make peace a priority. In all ways they are told to find ways to build a functioning community where everyone belongs and no one is above anyone else.

For Virgin Islands residents, especially seniors, a complete bureaucratic overhaul of our Bureau of Motor Vehicles is desperately needed.

A moment’s reflection and some simple arithmetic would convince even the most cynical among us that in its payment of $1,500 to each board member per meeting — plus $2,000 to its chairman — the West Indian Co. is basically scamming the people of the Virgin Islands.

New Virgin Islands peace officers enter the University of the Virgin Islands’ Sports and Fitness Center on St. Thomas during their recent graduation ceremony. The new officers report to the Governor’s Office, Department of Licencing and Consumer Affairs, V.I. Port Authority, V.I. Police Depa…

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