A huge shout-out for excellent customer service to St. Croix Internal Revenue Bureau employee Ms. Rema Edwards.

My client has been trying to renew her business license since 2016 and despite many, many attempts and tons of faxing copies of returns, she was never able to resolve the IRB issues with the St. Thomas office.

In desperation, I called the St. Croix office and was so lucky to end up speaking to Ms. Edwards. She assured me that the complexities involved were “no problem.”

It took some digging on her part to discover the real problem: many years of Gross Receipts filings have not yet been completely processed, so that verification could only be found by looking under the “payments received” part of the IRB computer system.

Ms. Edwards was not only skilled enough to figure that out, but also was kind enough to tell me exactly what to tell the St. Thomas IRB about where to look to find those payments for me to use the next time I try to renew this license.

Thank you very much Ms. Edwards, and I hope IRB Director Joel Lee recognizes your excellence in providing customer service.

— Pam Gaffin, a bookkeeper, lives on St. John.