I deserve to be someone who is and/or be with someone who:

Is grateful.

Lives in the present, not the past or the future.

Knows asking for help is a strength, not a weakness.

Shows appreciation.

Is respectful.

Is supportive.

Listens to understand, not listens to respond.


Loves unconditionally.

Has compassion and empathy for others.

Realizes we can have discussions/differences and still love each other.

Understands that a strong sense of self-love is more important than trying to overcome loneliness through intimacy with someone.


Loves growing healthy food.

Is positive.

Gives me space to be.

Pays attention.

Realizes relationship responsibilities are to be shared, equally.


Has an open mind.

Appreciates who I am.

Focuses on good qualities of others.

Sees new possibilities, options and choices.

Understands true forgiveness for oneself and others.

Accepts me as I am.

Prefers the mystery of change.

Enjoys being fit.

Strives to maintain a loving relationship.

Understands the importance of being a friend.

Realizes conspiracy theories, complaining, criticizing,assumptions, excuses,shaming,comparisons, sarcasm, judgments and taking things personally lead to misery.

Let’s go of attachments produced through fear of loss.

Is generous and giving.

Is kind.

Replaces fear and rejection with love and acceptance.

Confronts demons.

Encourages speaking the truth without repercussions

Loves being in nature.

Knows there’s always enough.

Understands ecstatic joy is the presence of peace and contentment.

Rejoices in other’s happiness and success.

Understands that when I forgive those who have wronged me, I free myself from prison.

Appreciates my directness and assertiveness.

Confronts ignorance.

Rejects manipulation through fear and passive aggression.

Has fun and laughs a lot.

Inspires me.

Encourages me to follow my bliss.

Views mistakes as learning lessons.

Has the courage to be vulnerable so love and joy can be embraced.

Knows what is truly important and acts on it.


Understands looking for approval only reinforces suffering.

Values my opinion.

Understands pain is not a choice, suffering is.

Brings flowers.

— Gerry Londergen, St. John