8. Termination by Grantor of Retained Use Estate.

Grantor may, upon one (1) year’s prior written notice mailed or delivered to the Secretary, terminate and extinguish the Retained Use Estate on a specified date (the “Termination Date”), provided, however, that the Termination Date shall not be prior to three (3) years from the date hereof. Such notice of termination shall include an offer by Grantor to convey and transfer to Grantee as of the Termination Date fee title in and to all improvements located on the Premises (including the Improvements) title to which has not previously been conveyed and transferred to Grantee, and shall be accompanied by the form of an instrument to effect such conveyance and transfer which Grantor will execute and deliver upon acceptance by Grantee of such offer. All mortgage liens on the Retained Use Estate and the Improvements must be satisfied or discharged prior to conveyance thereof to Grantee.