Many years ago I was approached by a friend in the Virgin Islands with a problem. She was stuck in a never-ending horror story of trying to collect child support for her two children.

Recently, Cuba’s President Miguel Díaz-Canel said that starting this month, all state-employed workers will receive the first of what will likely be several salary increases. His widely reported announcement responded to shared concern among Cubans that their salaries have become inadequate …

A parent’s worst nightmare is a sexual predator.


When I was a kid, the artifacts from the plunder of King Tutankhamun’s tomb were on a tour around the country and made a stop in Atlanta near my home town. My mother decided that our whole family, four of my cousins and my grandma had to go see it. This was the ’70s when the mystery and myst…

The tragic fire at the Royal Dane Mall in Charlotte Amalie is another blow to our historic center in St. Thomas.

The other day, someone I’ve known for years offered a pointed bit of criticism. “It’s easy for people like you to make long lists of things Congress should do to improve,” he said. “But you know good and well most of them won’t happen. So if you’re really serious, what’s the one most importa…

Women’s soccer has surged in popularity in recent years and the global viewing audience for the 2019 FIFA Women’s World Cup, which concluded on Sunday, was expected to reach one billion.

Virgin Islanders share lots of things. During catastrophic events and during good times, everything gets shared.

When you live someplace like the Virgin Islands you can feel like you are always on display. Like you are always on stage. Everywhere you gather with others in any significant numbers people assume you are there for their enjoyment.

Tourism now dominates most Caribbean economies, drawing huge numbers of visitors and wealth into the region. Despite this, many of those who work in or with the sector have yet to benefit fully from its success.


What can we do? It is a question most of us ask every day. People on the extremes, whether on the left or the right, seem to be so sure about what needs to be done. Unfortunately for us in the middle, their solutions are as extreme as their politics. So we are left with the question, what ca…

When, in the early 1990s, it became apparent that Europe’s preferential regimes for Caribbean bananas and sugar were coming to an end, an impassioned debate began about a transition to other forms of economic activity.

Editor’s Note: This is Part 3 of a three-part series. Part 1 was published on Monday, June 24, and Part 2 was published on Tuesday, June 25.

I recently conducted an educational environmental and cultural heritage hike on the northwest of St. Croix for students of the University of the Virgin Islands Summer Boost program. These students were from the St. Thomas campus. It was their first time hiking on this hidden gem of St. Croix…

The V.I. government is showing forward thinking in the proposed closing of smaller schools, and consolidating them into better, bigger facilities. While it’s true that two Category 5 hurricanes helped propel these new actions, they were long overdue.

A few months ago, the federal debt we have accumulated over the past decades crossed the $22 trillion mark. That’s a record. And it’s surely not going to be the last.

In my family, home ownership was not just talked about as a dream, but also as an imperative. I remember a lot of lessons my parents taught me. One that rings in my head is “own land.” My dad had two bedrock pieces of advice he told my sister and me repeatedly: Always keep some kind of job a…

Growing up in a big Italian family, we had a lot of traditions. The Christmas Eve meal? Had to be fish. Shoes in a box were never put on a table. Blessing a new car with coins thrown inside was a must. Good, harmless traditions were part of life. They were quirky, funny and harmless.

Late last year, Gallup found that U.S. public support for legalizing marijuana surged to 66 percent. The poll’s results were particularly noteworthy because a newfound majority of Republicans and Americans over age 55 supported legalization for the first time.

When people tell you that time heals all wounds, they don’t tell you the full truth. They don’t tell you the blessing and the curse of it.

You may not be ready for next year’s elections, but in political time, they’re coming up fast. Which means that at some point you’re almost certain to hear someone announce, sternly, “I. Will. Not. Compromise.” And if you’re there in the crowd and agree with his or her position, you may even…

Many residents of the Virgin Islands might not be able to distinguish the seasons of the year on the islands. As we know, there are four seasons — spring, summer, fall, and winter — each with its own temperature, light, and weather patterns that repeat yearly. Seasons come about as the Earth…

Every Tuesday and Thursday I go to the gym and lift weights. I have a pretty good idea of what to expect from each session. I like the routine of it, even if sometimes it’s uninspiring.

It was not to be. A “Sargassum Summit” to develop a multinational response to the worsening problem of the sargassum seaweed washing up on some of the best beaches in the Caribbean has had to be postponed.

Even though I am all about experiencing life and not just letting it pass me by, I also have a deep appreciation for just sitting and observing the details of life we normally don’t have time to notice. Which is another reason why life in the islands was such a smooth fit for me. So much of …

I am lucky enough these days to be in regular touch with young people who are interested in public service. I find hope in their quality, energy, and motivation, and they press me to think more deeply about what it takes to pursue a life in the public realm.

Memorial Day is a day that makes Americans feel very proud and profoundly sad at the same time. It is our day to pause and reflect on those we have lost, who have served and given their lives in the service of our county and its people.

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