Dear Editor,

My mother, Norma S. Levin, was a longtime resident of the Virgin Islands and a devoted public servant, serving in the Budget Office until she retired. In the wake of Hurricane Maria and the destruction of her home, she moved — at the age of 95 — to Massachusetts. Regrettably, she passed away in February 2018.

As her executor, I filed her 2017 tax returns. She is owed a significant refund.

Since that time, I have repeatedly tried to recoup those funds. In 2019 I received a letter requesting a copy of her death certificate. I sent it. In late March of this year , I received the exact same letter (different signatory). I sent another copy of her death certificate. I tried to follow up by phone this week and last. It is utterly impossible to reach anyone in that office. I have phoned multiple times and each time I am shunted to a non-functioning voicemail system.

Is this really the way the people of the Virgin Islands want the agency that controls their tax dollars to function? I certainly hope not.

Martha K. Levin, Massachusetts