During the recent drought in the Virgin Islands, some hidden things became apparent.

People started to see the bush-filled debris, the aftermath of the two Category 5 hurricanes we experienced almost two years ago. As the bush became drier and less dense, this debris started to show itself in massive amounts.

Tucked away and hidden for months, we now see the mess that is still on-island. Everything from wood and wires to metal and pieces of roofs. Despite our best cleanup efforts, it’s all there, for all to see.

Some of the debris is near the roads and can be removed. Some can’t. But when exposed, it’s a headshaking thing and it becomes a topic of community conversation.

A lot of the mess is too heavy for average citizens to move. This includes the huge steel beam lying by Havensight Road on St. Thomas since storm one.

Perhaps, working together with government, we can get some of the leftover mess cleaned up.

Our goal of being the No. 1 destination in the Caribbean is important. And while our community still needs to focus on large problems, the devil is in the details.

— Maria Ferreras is a longtime St. Thomas resident and community volunteer. She can be reached at maria@dailynews.vi.