Gov. Albert Bryan Jr. had a lot to say in his two-hour long State of the Territory Speech on Tuesday. As is customary, he sought to make his speech inspirational, instructive and reassuring, but he diverged from tradition by not sidestepping around the harsh realities and challenges the terr…

The beginning of a new year usually is seen as a time to make a fresh start, and many try to make it official with a list of resolutions. (Lose weight! Get fit! Be nicer!) Of course 2020 is not just a new year, it is also a new decade, meaning there’s lots to get done and no time to waste. S…

These are the New Year’s Resolutions suggested a year ago. The new V.I. Government administration was on its way in, and the old administration was moving on, early and rapidly in some cases, and change was in the air — and on billboards, in commercials, in advertisements everywhere. What be…

Gov. Albert Bryan Jr.’s admission last week that his Administration is “in chaos” comes as no surprise because ever since his inauguration, he has been delaying or abandoning key components of the Bryan/Roach Campaign Platform.

On October 24, Governor Bryan notified the Public Services Commission that he supports a WAPA rate increase. In that letter, he stated that “the actual increase to overall customer electric rates will be a nominal 0.15 cents per kilowatt-hour.”

For the soon come conclusion of a second hurricane season in a row with no major tropical storm disasters. Dorian barely winked at us, and Sebastien did not even glance our way. For that we are most grateful.

On October 25, V.I. Inspector General Steven van Beverhoudt issued an alarming audit report revealing rampant abuse of government credit cards by Executive branch officials.

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$13 million — that’s WICO’s annual revenue, according to WICO Interim President and CEO Anthony Ottley’s testimony to the V.I. Senate.

“We found that standard policies and procedures, practices and financial controls exercised by Executive Branch agencies over the use of, and payment on, Government credit instruments were not sufficient and adequate to safeguard Government funds.”

That was the headline in Saturday’s edition of The Daily News. And it should remain the headline today in the minds of all Virgin Islanders.

As Tropical Storm Karen approached, memories of hurricanes Irma and Maria came flooding back for all who endured that “Category 10” and the miserable aftermath. Two years ago those two storms hit us hard, and then the ill-considered, unreasonable curfews imposed by Government House made reco…

Just about everybody with a TV set has seen episodes in the CSI series and heard the theme songs. But we the people in the Virgin Islands know that CSI Miami’s opening song could have been written for us and our political culture.

Gary Engle sent a letter to Interior Secretary David Bernhardt on April 30 demanding $70 million and indemnification from environmental contamination at Caneel Bay Resort. (The Daily News, June 13, 2019, page 10)

CBIA Managing Member Gary Engle’s latest ploy reportedly seeking a payment of $70 million and indemnification from liability for environmental contamination at Caneel Bay in exchange for his early termination of the Retained Use Estate (RUE) should be roundly rejected.

Today is the day we’ve all been dreading: The first tropical storm has formed in the Atlantic, and even though it’s up near Bermuda and is not a threat to us here in the Virgin Islands, its very existence should ring alarm bells through the halls of our government.

The V.I. Senate is right to seriously consider requiring that taxicab operators offer riders the option of paying with cash or with a credit or debit card.

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Interview with CBI Acquisitions Managing Member Gary Engle. This interview has been edited for clarity and brevity.

Editor’s note: Following are comments made by Gary Engle during an interview with The Daily News at Caneel Bay on June 12, 2018. Engle is Managing Member of CBI Acquisitions, current holder of the retained use estate to operate Caneel Bay Resort until September 2023. The Feb. 9, 2019 Letter …

In the Nov. 1, 2018, Editorial, The Daily News publicly asked Delegate to Congress Stacey Plaskett why her bill to grant CBI Acquisitions a 60-year, no-bid deal to continue managing Caneel Bay Resort did not contain any of the safeguards contained in the existing 2010 law.

Editor’s Note: The following are some of the priorities that readers have recommended — in their own words — for the new administration and Legislature. All are verbatim as written and submitted to Watch for more in the coming days.

The new senators in the 33rd Legislature promised to bring big changes, and they have made a praiseworthy start by ending their predecessors’ traditional — and ethically questionable — misuse of taxpayers’ money to throw big parties for their friends and families.

It’s traditional to start a new year with a list of good intentions, so we have a few suggestions for the following:

The holiday season has arrived and the V.I. senators are departing today — but it’s not likely they will resist the chance to joyfully trim a tree with shiny ornaments ready to be pulled out of a big box marked “Special Favors for Special People.” Senators’ performance on the final day of th…

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