Near the end of 2020, The Daily News invited you, the public, to evaluate Gov. Albert Bryan Jr.’s performance by filling out a Mid-Term Report Card using the standard grading range of A, B, C, D, F.

We also offered the option of adding comments explaining your reasons for the grades you awarded.

We began receiving individual Report Cards immediately and continued receiving them for 12 days until the deadline.

Following are the tabulated results, showing the percent respondents gave for each grade and the resulting Grade Point Average (GPA) along with representative comments of the Report Cards submitted individually.

Individuals’ Report Cards


A (15%)

• This is the first administration in my memory that has ever proposed something serious to consider to save GERS.

• He tried with the Securitization bill and must be given credit for that. Those who oppose it should come up with their own bill to attempt to save GERS.

• The gov is trying to solve a decades-old problem and offering valid solutions. Senators are too entrenched in politics to see and act on a good thing for the people.

• “A” for effort. Legislators who fight ideas don’t have suggestions either.

Great effort being made. If only the Legislature will support the cause

B (13%)

• At least he’s trying here.

C (13%)

• He has had some recommendations at least.

• He has tried. Senate has failed GERS.

• We have a bankruptcy hanging over our head and little is done about it.

D (12%)

• Hopeless, but he uses it to beat the Legislature up.

• We are in the final stages of a government already bankrupt grasping for more money.

F (47%)

• How about the Senators and Cabinet giving up some $?

• The governor has not done the things he campaigned on, and doesn’t look like he is going to.

• Disrespect to the hardworking people of the V.I. After working 30 years, one should not have to wait for payment. It is callous and the height of cold behavior.

• The worst area. Heartless. GERS continues its ruthless behavior to the people of the USVI. Simply wrong and sad.

• I am a retiree so why must I pay the price?

• Unreasonable amount of time to get retirement funds. Board needs to be held more accountable.

• No plan but to tax people. Kick the can down the road as usual. Remove the senators’ six-year retirement law.


GPA: 1.3

Health care

A (30%)

• Low COVID hospitalizations, deserves kudos. Constant updates and testing.

• Proud of Gov. Bryan’s outstanding leadership. Thumbs up! We must do our part.

• Great leadership shown in handling COVID-19. High level communication, clear messaging and accessibility evident throughout pandemic.

• His directions relative to the COVID-19 pandemic were very well planned and carried out.

• On COVID-19 – the governor has done a good job on keeping the people of the Virgin Islands updated with info.

• Ms. Encarnacion is great. They make good team.

B (12%)

• The governor has done a very good job along with his commissioner.

• Competent health care is available but costly. Governor should increase health care competition in territory

• COVID has been reasonable, but it’s unfortunate that the administration did not listen more carefully to Territorial Epidemiologist Dr. Esther Ellis in the early days to more quickly and assertively clamp down to avoid the first wave and the resultant longer than necessary shutdowns in the April to June timeframe. Control at the airports was late to be implemented and was a failure in execution for lengthy periods.

C (9%)

• We are a small jurisdiction so we cannot attract all of health care needs.

D (15%)

• Hospitals still struggling. Need to be privatized.

• COVID response was adequate

• No upgrades since storms. Mass exodus of quality health care providers.

F (34%)

• We don’t have any decent hospitals.

• It’s been three years and the Charlotte Kimelman Cancer Center is still closed; people have to travel stateside for care. The money can stay at home; if open, hospital can have revenue.

• Human Services in Frederiksted needs to answer the phone once in a while.

• No direction, no hospital, no focus, no accomplishments.

• Mishandled the COVID situation. The Governor has done absolutely nothing to enhance healthcare for the people of these islands in my opinion. The hospital being built was already in place before he came; his handling of the pandemic was the straw that broke the camel’s back for me. He lacks critical thinking and leadership skills, closing the beach at 4 o’clock like the virus has a set time to come out was ridiculous. He refuted claims of restaurants and bars still operating during the first shutdown and refused to take actions against those who violated the orders.

• Frederiksted still does not have an ambulance.


GPA: 1.8

The Batch’s Report Cards

On the final day for the public to submit Report Cards, a man walked into The Daily News office on St. Thomas and dropped off a big envelope containing a large batch of photocopied Report Cards.

Because all other Report Cards had been submitted individually, the batch was tabulated separately and is reported separately.

Following are the tabulated results, showing the percent respondents gave for each grade and the resulting Grade Point Average (GPA) along with representative comments of the Report Cards submitted in the batch.


A (51%)

• A problem created by the Senate. The governor has tried, with nothing from the Legislature.

• A for effort! Many administrations knew of this problem. Trying.

• Great attempts to reform. Senate needs to help.

• The only one that has a real plan, if only the Senate would stop sabotaging it.

• No other administration has tried to fix.

• He trying, but the Legislature keep blocking him.

• A grade just for his attempts to begin to fix this massive problem.

• Two attempts to fix is noteworthy.

• Bold actions taken with no support from Legislature.

• Governor has done more or tried in two years than the other governors.

• Gov. has tried but no help from Legislature.

• The administration is trying.

B (46%)

• The securitization plan was a help.

• No way governor can fix by himself. Where is the Senate?

• Senate needs to match Governor’s efforts.

C (2%)

• He’s trying, but he can’t do it alone.

D (1%)

No comments submitted

F (0%)


GPA: 3.4

Health care

A (65%)

• Proactive in dealing with COVID.

• Excellent job handling the pandemic

• COVID guidelines that are in place – good job

• Excellent!

• Awesome job with COVID!

• Great job with virus.

• Doing well.

• The administration is handling the pandemic with care and caution.

B (33%)

• Good job handling COVID.

• With the pandemic, this administration has done an awesome job!

• DOH has been great.

C (2%)

No comments submitted.

D (0%)

F (0%)


GPA: 3.6