Near the end of 2020, The Daily News invited you, the public, to evaluate Gov. Albert Bryan Jr.’s performance by filling out a Mid-Term Report Card using the standard grading range of A, B, C, D, F.

We also offered the option of adding comments explaining your reasons for the grades you awarded.

We began receiving individual Report Cards immediately and continued receiving them for 12 days until the deadline.

Following are the tabulated results, showing the percent respondents gave for each grade and the resulting Grade Point Average (GPA) along with representative comments of the Report Cards submitted individually.

Individuals’ Report Cards


A (7%)

• We as a community need to take responsibility.

• The gov. has put an effective leader in charge. There are a lot of anti-crime initiatives and some rapid arrests. In these COVID times, low-income people are desperate, and some will turn to crime.

• The community needs to step up.

• He is doing a very good job. The rest is up to us.

B (16%)

• Less gunshots, less revving of cars and motorcycles, less sleep interruption.

• Praise for governor’s choice of Police Commissioner; his policing strategies are creative and effective.

• The administration is really trying in this area. I have seen real growth in developing policing strategies to contain criminal activity.

C (5%)

No comments submitted.

D (11%)

• More jobs are needed; legalize marijuana; more things for kids to do; install those cameras sitting during Mapp administration; stop doing the same thing and expecting different results.

• Much work to be done, however, Gov. Bryan needs this community’s help and support.

• Police Department’s morale low. Sounds like responsibility turned over to citizens.

• Record number of shootings.

• What do police actually do?

• His choice for commissioner is simply not up to the job.

• Worst-ever gun violence, home invasions and robberies.

F (61%)

• Our cold cases never get hot.

• New police commissioner needed. The governor brought a pencil-pusher to fight crime.

• Crime is as bad as ever.

• The response to our near record crime statistics falls short by an order of magnitude.

• The limited response and message by the Governor are as if he doesn’t even really believe there’s a problem– just another year like any of the last 30 crime-wise.

• Our crime rate should have been raised to emergency status long ago.

• I see no improvement in crime since Bryan-Roach.

• Police Department is a mess.

• Since in office crime has increased and police leadership has vote of no confidence.

• Follow the advice of Henry White, who once headed the V.I. Police Department: Rid the department of favoritism, nepotism and politics. Daily News won Pulitzer Prize because of police.

• Crime is ridiculously high. Create a Forensic Lab, please.

• Lack of leadership. Vice being rewarded, virtue being punished.

• It looks like crime stays the same, before and after Gov. Albert Bryan Jr.

• Governor has done absolutely nothing to decrease the crime rate for the three islands.


GPA: 0.9


A (8%)

• Our children are very fortunate that Governor Bryan has their back.

• Given the demands, and considering the pandemic, he can’t do much more.

B (15%)

• In these unprecedented times they are doing the best with what they got.

• UVI continues to improve, but the public school system needs help.

• The governor has not done very much to help the education system.

• Governor should require the Commissioner of Education to seek teacher input to reopen schools.

C (1%)

• System is totally outdated with little innovative programs.

D (21%)

• No improvements.

• Kids need to get back in school; schools need rebuilding; what’s the status on Cancryn’s new location; are the schools being cleaned since closed; school lunch sucks.

• Was a “D” before he was elected and still is.

• His appointees’ decision-making remains haphazard and not appear to be student oriented. Their decisions are not explained to the public.

• Governor’s choice in leadership lends very little value to the department. The team lacks the seriousness required for this period. The rollout of the infrastructure plans came across as frivolous and underdeveloped.  Key presenters behaved like they were running in a pageant.

• Decision-making tends to reflect poor or lack of vision.

• Federal funding not moving fast enough.

• Lack of unity exists between St. Croix-St. Thomas.

F (55%)

• We went from urgent to critical.

• Education is nowhere near the standard that it should be. Governor Bryan has not managed to get anything going and does not seem serious at all about education and the schools.

• Caught in a governmental system that demands mediocrity.

• V.I. politics have destroyed education. Civics is not required in school. The children are not being told about wicked V.I. people. We know about Mussolini and Adolph Hitler because of history. Why do we hide our criminals?

• No technology. Poor teacher pay.

• School building in terrible shape. Subs (teachers) not paid.

• Awful.

• No direction.

• Need to authorize an audit. Bleeding the people.

• Open the schools; fire the commissioner.


GPA 0.9

Batch’s Report Cards

On the final day for the public to submit Report Cards, a man walked into The Daily News office on St. Thomas and dropped off a big envelope containing a large batch of photocopied Report Cards.

Because all other Report Cards had been submitted individually, the batch was tabulated separately and is reported separately.

Following are the tabulated results, showing the percent respondents gave for each grade and the resulting Grade Point Average (GPA) along with representative comments of the Report Cards submitted in the batch.


A (40%)

• Government cannot solve crime. It is a deep social issue. He says what needs to be said.

• More guns are being recovered and we definitely see police presence more.

• Crime cannot decrease without community assistance.

• Serious societal issue that all must help with.

• Blame for crime is misplaced on any administration.

• No one can solve crime by themselves. Community efforts.

• Our community needs to step up and help VIPD and DOJ.

• Problems will be fixed when people speak up and be brave.

• We need more police on the streets.

B (52%)

• Citizens must help since VIPD, the Governor and DOJ cannot solve a community issue.

• I like this tough, no-nonsense commissioner.

• Velinor is progressive. Community must become active.

• Too much crime, but they buy new technology to help fight crime.

C (7%)

• Out of control. Needs new leadership.

• Cameras needed.

• No one can solve crime by themselves. Community efforts.

D (1%)

No comments submitted

F (0%)


GPA: 3.3


A (50%)

• The commissioner has never gotten a fair chance.

• Commissioner is disrespected regularly, but she’s trying.

• He came in with major problems, and now he has to focus on COVID instead of on rebuilding.

• A lot of inherited problems and new COVID-19 cases.

B (45%)

• Senate just beats down this administration

• Money is needed to rebuild schools.

• Lots of inherited problems especially from past administrations.

• Some problems, but most inherited and compounded by COVID.

C (5%)

• These problems did not just occur with this administration.

• Still recovering from hurricanes.

• Need more resources for short-term. Excellent long-term strategies.

• Needs re-vamping; new leadership.

• I like that they are keeping children’s safety first.

• Schools need to open back up soon.

D (0%)

F (0%)


GPA: 3.4