Delegate Michael Thurland speaks during the 2008 Constitutional Convention on St. Thomas.

Dear Editor,

How are the members selected to serve on the next and sixth U.S. Virgin Islands Constitutional Convention? I pose this question because if any of the selectees feel strongly about preferential treatment for “Native Virgin Islanders,” we are once again wasting the people’s time, and additional tens of thousands of dollars that the V.I. government can ill afford to burn.

What has been crystal clear from the written response we, the U.S. Virgin Islands, has received from the U.S. Department of Justice is that we either sign on and join the rest of the “union” with all its laws or don’t waste our time and money.

This is not an a la carte menu, the U.S. Virgin Islands has the option of picking from and choosing which laws we will endorse and what we want added.

So, if any of the persons selected has the idea that they can force their demands on the U.S. government, they are delusional and we are, once again, throwing our money away on per diem fees, travel, food and whatever else the previous members of the last five constitutional conventions lavished on themselves while pursuing an exercise in futility.

I highly recommend any of the selected members read the last report from the U.S. DOJ — word for word — and either agree to endorse it or not become a member of this sixth Constitutional Convention.

— Stephen K. Cohen resides on St. Croix.